iPhone App Development Cost:
How Much Does It Cost to Build an iOS Application?

Since the release of the first iPhone, the mobile application market has seen an unprecedented growth. In 2014, smartphone usage has exceeded desktop usage for the first time in history, and stats show that mobile users spend most of their time within applications. Moreover, with the launch of Apple Pay, iPhone manufacturer has gained access to billions of credit cards of smartphone users from all around the world. Sounds incredible, right?

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Why Apps Are So Popular?

The craze for mobile apps has spread across all mobile platforms including Android, Microsoft and and every other existing mobile operating system. There is a good reason for this. A mobile application is an efficient marketing tool for businesses who wish to reach out to more customers and a great opportunity for enterprises who wish to increase their staff’s mobility.Take a look at Uber or Airbnb, they have changed their industries and generated billions of profit. Just think of it - billions of dollars.

Where to Start?

On the other hand, there are app developers who publish free apps with simple functionality that are nevertheless downloaded by thousands of users. We know that many businesses do not even consider the possibility of app development because they are convinced that it is going to cost them a fortune and they do not know where to start. We are going to dispel this myth and demonstrate to you that it is not that hard to create your own mobile app. Let us talk about what you will need to bring your future app to life.

Types of Smartphone Applications

There is a large scope of various types of applications for you to choose from. The leading app stores sort apps by categories - education, food, fitness, productivity, lifestyle, entertainment, health and so on. The general types of smartphone applications based on their architecture and functionality include the following:
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  • cl6cl6

Table functionality

You can create a basic application using a hierarchical model. For example, you have big topics on the opening screen and when you open one, the new sets of topics of a lower level appear. The iPhone’s email list is organised on the basis of this principle. This is without a doubt the easiest type of application to develop and design and will be a good choice for enterprises who are looking forward to create a simple application which purpose is to provide the users with some sort of information. With the help of a professional app designer, it will not be hard to make such an application work for your success.

Database driven apps

This is not exactly a specific type of mobile app, but it certainly deserves to be mentioned on the list. Do you have a great amount of content that you would like to use? Imagine that you have dozens of car models that you need to organise and display in a different way? You can do it utilising a slightly different approach than a basic table architecture. The development of such types of in the app itself or in an online web service. Read further to get more information about this type.


The selection of games is endless, from really simple apps like Tetris to extremely complicated ones with nonlinear storylines and outstanding 3D graphics like Need for Speed or Shadow Fight. Passing through levels, controlling your character through tilting the device in different directions and getting to the top of the Game category of App Store is hard but possible. You just need an in depth knowledge of the mobile gaming market and keep abreast of the latest technologies.

Updates or customesed apps

This type of apps means that you create an application as a more advanced substitute for certain features of your mobile phone like camera, launcher, alarm, calendar or flashlight. A great example of such an app is VSCO app that enables you to take pictures, edit them, adding multiple filters and adjusting various settings, and store them in photo albums created within the app.

Fully dynamic application

Like database driven apps, dynamic applications rely on the information from external sources - some examples are Twitter, AccuWeather, Flipboard, etc.

Customisable tools and other apps

The purpose of these apps are to let the users create their unique content. The example of such applications are Pages, Numbers, Adobe Illustrator Draw, etc. There are lots of other apps that offer unique experiences and do not fit into the categories listed above, but these are the major types that cover around 90% of all apps available in app stores.

What Type to Choose?

Before choosing the type of app you will develop, assess the amount of content you have and whether you would like to take an active part on the development process or fully rely on third-party developers to do the job for you. Keep in mind that you can design an app fast and without spending too much if you know the exact requirements, otherwise it may become a real challenge because the developer may deliver a product that will not meet your expectations. Even if you no nothing about programming, there are many sources on the web that can help you learn the basics of mobile strategy development, which is extremely helpful if you want to take part in decision-making throughout the development process.

Stages of App Development

The process of app development consists of four key stages - discovery, app planning and the creation of app’s architecture, design and implementation. Everything start with an idea. After you have realised you need a mobile application, you have to develop a vision of what it will be like. You can browse the App Store to see what kind of apps are in demand and draw inspiration from your competitors.

iPhone App Development Cost

When you have a clear vision of the app you want to create, let us evaluate approximate costs. Keep in mind, that it is not possible to define exact costs without knowing all the requirements for the project, and even then the cost may vary because of the risks that may appear and the changes to the app’s functionality that you may demand during the process. Another thing not to forget is that the costs can significantly vary depending on what platform and devices you build your app for. Ensure that you have discussed with the app developer what devices will your app run on - speaking of an iOS app, whether it will support iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPad and other Apple devices.

Average Costs

Here are typical development costs for different types of app creation projects:
  • Basic apps with table functionality - $1000-4000. If you want to keep the cost of such a project at the minimum, provide the developers with the content, give them clear requirements about what you want your app to look like and show them a couple of examples of existing apps with a similar functionality. It will be even better if you know how to use Photoshop, in this case you will be able to supply the images for the project and probably cap it at $1500. It will cost you extra if you want your application to be integrated with social networks, track geopositioning or use other advanced technologies.
  • Database driven app - $8000-$50000. Once again, if you want the cost to be as low as possible, supply every piece of content, sound, video, image, etc. However, the cost will be higher anyway, because the developer will have to create the logic behind the app, as well as design its architecture, usability and interaction. Such applications typically require a lot of front-end programming, because they are mostly driven by data - that is why the framework is all-important.
  • Mobile games - $10000-$250000. The hardest project to tackle. For example, Angry Birds cost Rovio approximately $140000 and generated more than $150 mln in profits. The programmers experienced in game development know for sure - if you want your app to be cool, for example, use a gyroscope to control the action of your character or a car in case of a racing game, only the code will cost you no less than $125000 without a doubt - and you will need a lot more features. Even if you try to design it as simple as possible, games can be tricky and quickly get more complex than you expect. You will need to integrate it to the game center, record top scores, create an online community and so on. However, the game has more chances to pay for itself if it is engaging and creative.
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