Cost of Outsourcing App Development: What is Needed to Build a Perfect App?

Do you want to develop mobile applications for your business? Be prepared since the cost may surprise you. There are several factors that determine the cost of outsourcing app development. In order to provide information on the formation of costs in the app development industry, we will explain the development of an app. We can not deny that mobile applications are an integral part of our lives.

Our Experience in Outsourcing App Development

Developers and experienced designers collaborated with numerous companies in different industries to share their experience and provide information on the cost of the app development process and the outsourcing of app development. Throughout the years in the IT market, excellent specialists have a deep knowledge of the social and technical aspects of the creation of apps. we could not find a better candidate to share the secret of the mobile market and the cost formation factor. Therefore, it is a guide for outsourcing design of a first class mobile product for your business, which offers value and increases sales.

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How to Choose the Right Developer?

Needless to say, reputation is paramount to choosing outsourcing developers of mobile apps. We encourage you to pay attention to award-winning companies, to companies mentioned as reputable sources related to Internet technology and to firms with solid experience in the specific field that interests you. For example, an agency that has created simple applications in the past can rarely obtain a complex system solution with many sophisticated functions and designs.

What Happens when I Start Developing my App on my own?

Of course you can However, the developer calls this situation "rescue activity". In other words, this is a project that people started with the help of outsourcing developers who alone or who could not provide the expected results, resulting in more experienced, confused experts. They are looking for experts who can finish the development and launch products. Another possibility is that someone wants to fix it, even if it has already launched the app, it does not work, it receives a bad criticism, it ruins the reputation of the company.

Why do you Hire a Team of Experts?

You can start working on the products yourself, but you can not get perfect quality and a fluent experience that the experts alone will provide. Definitely, an expert and creative team brings more value to the project than inexperienced amateur outsourcing developers. The program is the result of the diligence and cooperation of the team, it is like playing on stage. You're just looking at the actors on the stage, but we do not know how long it took to practice and how much was behind the scenes. The development of applications is a complex process that requires a lot of discipline, lean procedures, excellent participation of experts.

Development Team

Exemplary development teams include the following experts:

  • Designer responsible for the visual content that the programmer will encode later.
  • An encoder that makes the design animated by adding programming magic.
  • Account manager that is an intermediate medium between the client and the company. Cooperate with project managers, programmers and other specialists to provide information to clients and manage development progress.
  • The project manager is the executive director of the project that oversees this app.

The Cost of Creating the Project

Since these outsourcing agents are little interested in your success, you can not tell them the exact cost immediately. In order to estimate the cost of outsourcing the development of the app, the development company needs to conduct in-depth interviews with customers and identify the business needs, requirements and functional specifications of future products. However, it is impossible to designate all the requirements in advance, since the mobile market is changing rapidly, reacting quickly, introducing the change and adding new functions as the project progresses. Note that.

What is the Minimum Viable Product?

The cost of MVP outsourcing varies from one project to another. It is impossible to provide accurate figures to customers. For example, if the purpose is to create a simple social media program where users share content, it is not too expensive. However, if you need a complex e-commerce solution that integrates shopping cart services, online payment tools, databases, profiles and e-mail marketing platforms, many expert services are required as backup. final programmer.

Start model

Many experts recommend those who want to estimate the amount of resources needed in the first year of operation to see a successful start. In principle, young companies will raise funds with moderate budgets and raise funds from friends and family. The sum of this amount is usually half a year and the company can increase the pace. If you run out of money, you must join the rounds of seeds and Series A.

In most cases, in order to prepare for the consumer the prototype verified in the first stage to the next level, what is the total, already What is the launch? By combining these budgets, you can calculate an estimate of outsourcing development costs. However, this will help you consider your financial capabilities, but to estimate the cost and development time of the app, you need to do a deeper analysis.

Freelancer vs. Development Company

Another option you have is to hire an independent professional. This reduces costs and inevitably increases the risk. What are you in danger? Poor work ethic, bad habits, misunderstandings, lack of commitment to the project and deficiencies. With good luck, with a 99% certainty, free writers will offer products that do not meet the original concept and expectations. Compare the price to shoot a new movie from the original script and the development price of the app.

The budget and talent are the basis of the success of the project, as well as the motivation and enthusiasm to make the most of your ideas. As with filming debut films, make efforts to design a completely new app. But if you want to be a successful movie, not a short movie, you should invest more time and resources. This also applies to the development of apps. Investing so much money and energy into the product certainly expects the project team to focus on its goal, not dealing with the self-employed or with other outsourcing employers at their side.

What Applications are Successful?

The development can not be learned other than trial and error . A secret is that you should not be absorbed in your project. After undergoing rigorous beta testing, proof of concept, development of MVP, we must verify the idea before starting a large-scale marketing campaign for another acquisition of funds.

Many outsourcing developers have high expectations of innovative products, even before the actual development process begins. Please do not repeat your mistakes. Please roll the ball before you see where it is rolling. Enjoy your wonderful idea, create in yourself, hire professionals to guide the world of designing complex apps, take advantage of the vision, change the market of mobile devices to attract customers. Let's do it.

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Why you need a native app?

Better Performance

A native app is a mobile program created specifically for a specific mobile operating system. This will maximize the benefits of the platform and provide the most comfortable experience for users of devices running that operating system. This aspect is particularly important for developing applications that use a significant amount of data.

Excellent User Experience

Both Android and iOS platforms have specific features and specifications that must be taken into account when designing applications for specific platforms. Since hybrid applications can not be fully optimized on any of the platforms, it is not possible to provide a seamless experience on both platforms at the same time. Native applications development services are the only option to guarantee customers a high usability and an excellent experience no matter which device they use.

Easy Access to Hardware Functions

The native mobile program provides easy access to all the built-in features of the latest smartphones and tablets, including GPS, camera, accelerometer, microphone and dynamics. Trying to connect to some of the features of various devices can cause one size to fail for all apps. There is no way to impress the client if he or she can not access the camera or block it all the time for a while.

High-end Security

Our software development agency creates high quality applications and high security of corporate data and customer data. As an outsourcing software development company focused on iOS and Android, we recognize that Google is very important for all companies, so we use the latest technology to maintain data security.

Improve Visibility to Customers

The main store takes precedence over native apps. As a result, smartphone users find it easier, stand out at the top of the store, and opportunities to provide more long-term marketing opportunities are on the rise.

Access without Connection

Cross-platform solutions always require a stable connection to the Internet. Meanwhile, native mobile applications can include offline features and services available to users without Internet access.

Why Choose Outsourcing Software Development?

We are a happy and gentle coding teacher, a design genius, a team of project experts. Our

talented experts constantly provide the best results and strive to provide the maximum value to your business. Creating a first class app is our passion. Our main objective is to develop applications that customers love. Bring money and go to the top of the app store. We constantly explore new trends, learn about new technologies and translate knowledge and experience into products. More advantages` of outsourcing development you can look here.

Working with us

Our designers and developers are highly professional in Android, iOS, web-based solutions and custom software to create high-quality products that work for your success. Our app development company will help you plan a monetization strategy and ensure the long-term success of the project. We are happy to hear from you.