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IOS apps have proven to be a very efficient tool to develop the customer base and improve overall productivity. Our software development company creates phenomenal products with innovative design and functionality, promotes brands, connects customers and, as a result, increases their corporate value. If you have not yet created an iOS app, it is a good idea to do so.


We know in depth the products of development of Apple devices and the latest developments in the digital market. Over the years, we have developed the most reliable quality assurance procedures that guarantee uncomplicated communication technology, obsolete software development strategy and perfect work results. We have a wealth of experiences in the development of world famous programs for large and small companies around the world. This gives you the best solution that fits perfectly to every commercial desire.

Benefits of a Mobile Solution for Companies

The more you provide the user with a better experience, the more users will be with you and would like to propose to your friends. There is no doubt that a large amount of investment is necessary, but in the long term, when making presentations such as all products and services, communication, shipping, customer service, etc., we will challenge the competition by strengthening the best for the entire business.

The main advantage of mobile solutions is the increase in revenue. In addition to the additional monetization methods, open a new revenue source, such as ads and in-application purchases.

Get closer to a number of new customers. The wide range of fully designed and easy-to-use mobile programs will include the expansion of the public base and the customer base.

The application promotes your brand. application as an element of publicity, as a tool to increase wealth. The complete software can earn a business reputation, accumulate user experience and can always be delivered to customers.

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Custom iOS Development

Imagine that you have a beautiful gentleman made for the sole reason to combine everything you want. It has excellent aesthetic systems, soundproofing, air conditioning and other aesthetic and technical characteristics to provide the performance you've always dreamed of. Drive this wonderfully produced car, now execute a smooth command and the trip is perfect. You are definitely satisfied.

And let's think about suggesting that a car dealer buy a car that is passed off as a car. Although this seems to be equivalent, there is no such advanced function, there is the possibility of simply carrying out the function function eliminated. That is a totally different vehicle, in fact it is not. Of course, the price is somewhat cheap, the dealer says that he experiences little difference. Can you commit?

Apply the same scenario when developing apps for iOS. That's the main difference between custom products designed to provide all the necessary functions and ready-to-use software developed to perform basic functions.

It is more obvious than when it comes to making innovative products. You only need a custom solution to win.

Benefits of Custom Apps

It is no longer new information; the development of iOS apps will affect all areas of business, from the grocery store to the style. But how to move the mobile? You can get better results by developing custom iOS apps or using the benefits of ready-made solutions. All opportunities have advantages, but the development of iOS has a greater merit. Why? Let's understand that!

To understand if you need to invest in the development of a custom iOS app, you must first define the development of custom apps and define something unique compared to ready-to-use solutions.

Custom development is also known as creating tailored or bespoke programs. Developing apps for iOS, our team are covering the segment of the application with unique features, which are not provided by ready-to-use solutions.

How to Operate

Please consider this simple example. The two grocery stores recommend to customers the same range of items. But at the same time they have completely different strategies and desires. As a result, they can not have similar iOS project solutions. The design and function of the application should depend on the purpose of all the stores and their purpose.

The initial speed function of iOS custom application development is the ability to set ideas. In other words, the personalized development aims to satisfy the needs of the business, the final product will be developed according to the way in which the company operates.

Why don’t go off-the-shelf ?

As a form of evaluation, prepared solutions provide a universal platform for all to cover as many companies as possible. As a result, you get the same iOS application design and overall performance, regardless of the business demands of the company. Such a solution can be purchased as SaaS (software as a service). This means that companies need to lease the use of iOS apps. Of course, this solution may be less expensive, but monthly payments may cost more.

"You’ll get what you pay for," especially when developing an iOS program. The development of custom applications is a full-fledged fundraiser that can surely benefit from working with trusted developers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Development

The obvious benefit of organisations developing iOS apps is scalability, simple implementation and increased productivity. However, as a last option, let us deepen and consider the pros and cons.

There are many reasons why developing custom software for iPhone companies get great benefits.

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Satisfied customers

The security problem is an important reason for companies to invest in iOS apps. This perception has a more important meaning when the application works with personal data. To confirm the security of the user's personal data in the era of globalization, it is necessary to use an original method when developing software. A custom application can eliminate threats and dangers by integrating security features and encryption of events. In addition, said software meets the requirements of the iOS platform.

Invest in yourself

The special order of developing iOS application wins war with the solution prepared for simple reasons. When you develop an application from scratch, you will own it. For ready-to-use solutions, management is not provided to the same extent as all functions. Custom apps can evolve within the company and, as a result, the demands of companies can grow and expand. Developing a customized application is a way to invest in yourself.

Emphasize Competitive Business Advantage

Let's go back to the example in two grocery stores. One of them gives priority to home delivery and the other depends on a loyalty program. Therefore, in the iOS app, it is necessary to highlight the elements that differentiate the products. The apps developed to order make it possible.

At the same time, the ready-to-use solution strictly defines the function. Because this type of application can not provide all the functions, including the new functionality, the mobile service of the organization is restricted. Of course, our iOS developers can integrate additional features, but sometimes it requires a great effort that seems to cost more than developing apps from scratch.

  • Nothing can exist without a negative aspect. This also applies to iOS development.
  • Time is one of the basic negative aspects to face when developing custom apps.
  • With the previously created solution, you can get the operative application immediately. To develop custom applications, you need to run the entire software development process that takes weeks, months or years in the case of large and bold projects.
  • Bug fixes, strategy transformations, design improvements: all these elements can delay the publication of the final product. However, when using a ready-to-use solution, you will not receive protection against errors.
  • By cooperating with us, we can offer the best developed products so that you can order in a short period of time, so the aspect of time is not a serious disadvantage.

For fully designed program, it is obvious that considerable resources are required to invest, so higher prices are coming. The adjustment of standard procedures as a result of the identification of new desires in various developing stages is a very common situation, but as time and effort are needed, the rate will be increased. Fortunately, when you develop iOS apps with our professional developers, you get transparent pricing and the most profitable strategy to create leading products at fair prices.

Opportunities for Promotion

Apple has a wonderful opportunity to present this application to tens of millions of iOS users around the world, which gives the company the perfect environment. More than 65% of downloads come from Search AppStore at the same time.

In addition, Apple recently offers search ads. Selling via apps is becoming easy and very efficient. Therefore, AppStore empowers the owner of the application for success. In addition, our marketing specialists will help you optimize products for the most productive promotions.

Another Important Argument to Customize the App

With the new facilities available with the new iOS update, you can provide a comfortable experience for users. The integration is integrated into the application of iMessage, map, Siri SDK. The most exciting of these is mainly because virtual assistants can integrate with multiple apps and mix heterogeneous data distributed in a single context of conversation.

Develop with us

Become a member of the high-tech digital world and build your application with us. Our team has developed software for approximately 10 years and has all the necessary skills and a great experience to provide the optimal solution for your exact needs.

We always seek perfection and do everything possible to make the project successful. Do not believe the words, check our portfolio!