Custom iPad App Design

Our software development company creates powerful iOS apps with elegant and user-friendly iPad app design. We have been building high quality Apple software since 2010. Our programmers can develop business-oriented solutions with the most secure and stable platforms. Our advantages in comparison with competitors are:

  • trained and experienced employees
  • formalised development processes and QA system
  • long-term relations with the customers

Our company control the creation of the software design from the analysis of the user’s needs to the delivery of the iPad project to the app store.

Add Value to the Business with the Right iPad Software Tool

Our development company not only helps companies to invade the mobile market, but also helps create new ones with our iPad solution. The iOS tablet requires good software to maximize the potential use of these devices. We are using the latest version of the iOS platform and the latest features of iPads. The app designer will change their workflow, communicate with the target user and make it possible to enthusiastically adopt the new iPad application. The IPad screen with more functionality and multitasking makes the device very efficient for work and entertainment. It is not surprising that both businessmen and the general public look for clients.

How do we Work?

To meet the requirements and exceed expectations, follow agile work methods such as Scrum, verify the results as soon as possible and improve the mobile strategy as necessary. The iterative process of several sprints ensures that the designers of the applications get information about the time to customize the program according to their requirements. We need your participation to master the development of your iPad software. Project managers provide information on the details to seek transparency and productivity in business relationships.

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Let’s Talk about your iPad App Design Project

You come to us with a unique business idea and are looking to make it a reality. Our project manager and chief architect will analyze what you need, formulate the future specifications of the app and propose an appropriate solution. The project manager will be the voice of our clients, translating the needs of the client into programmers and establishing tasks together with the best architects. That is why it is very important that project managers understand you and your business. All these components, such as project discussion, regular communication, market research, etc., can fully understand business ideas and projects.

Design Multiple UI Designs and Navigation Maps

A creative application designer for iPad offers you some designs in search of what you like the most. Larger screens provide opportunities for more complete viewing. Designing your iPad software Use all the advantages of the Apple Retina display to ensure high quality images, smooth animation and other visual elements. Taking into account your brand identity, choose color patterns, fonts, styles. Ultimately, the UI designer combines Visual Identity and an incomparable style of iOS to create an incredible design promoting their products.

  • Soft appearance
  • Simplicity
  • Compatibility
  • Connectivity
  • Individual company style

These are the main features of the user interface design to maintain user commitment. Our designers also think about the intuitive nature of app navigation, make it easy to use and do not threaten customers with excessive complexity. If it is a program that works for your staff, the workflow should not be delayed since your employees simply do not understand how to use it. Our goal is greater efficiency, the software should help you achieve it, and vice versa.

Powerful App Designer

Frames like the design tools of Apple and Cocoa Touch, Interface Builder, UIkit, etc. They are extremely useful for digital designers to focus on animation and features instead of complex visual details. While the size and resolution of the screen are increasing among iPads, it is imperative to provide a seamless user experience for customers and staff on iPad Air 2, iPad mini or iPad Pro. Our designer creates an interface design flexible and flexible user with additional menus as needed. We can use the San Francisco font so that the typeface is always legible. Designers of iPad applications can also program the benefits of 3D iTouch with the new features of iOS 9, provide users with the user experience, preview and enter the necessary data. 3D Touch allows you to iterate faster. You can design shortcuts to improve user productivity.


Coding is the part that consumes the most time in the design process of the application. Many careful techniques, attention and tests are necessary. Our developers can write code in Objective-C and Swift using the development environment of Xcode and its SDK, framework, Apple library to benefit iOS when writing MVP. The minimum surviving product or MVP is the first measurable result. It is a work program that can try to see if its core function meets your needs. With MVP, you can clearly understand the general description of the software. Now, when you have this clear idea, when it is concrete, judge the direction of the strategy with greater precision, moderate the functions and changes of the program, the integration, other changes You can ask The app designers will gradually offer new updates and updates and will provide new results to get comments. This approach ensures that your software meets all your needs and requirements.


As a member of the fastest growing industry, we will respond to the latest trends that implement them in the project. One of Apple's latest innovations was App Thinning, which included cuts, on-demand resources and bit codes.

  • Slicing. Each device has its function. Therefore, when designing an app programmer, it is suitable for each one. However, when the user downloads the program, he downloads it with all the overhead costs of all the devices he needs to be working on. Excessive space requires additional disk space, slowing down the application. When dividing the software, it is optimized for the App Store and, when the user downloads it, handles only the necessary parts of the program, so the storage space on the disk is reduced and the reading speed is improved.

With resources on demand, you can download only the content you need when you run the app for the first time. It can refer to some media, document templates, instrument packages, etc. When new resources are needed, App Store downloads them and removes what is no longer needed. This method combined with cutting saves up to 40-50% of disk space.

  • Bit code. Now the app designer does not have to manually update the app and send it back to the App Store every time Apple presents a new update in the operating system. Thanks to Bitcode, the App Store can automatically optimize and re-optimize the architectures of specific devices. Therefore, if you and your customers get all the benefits of the latest architecture and optimization without waste, you can get all the benefits.

As a result, software designers can optimize the download, installation, automation of iPad applications and reduce disk space for iPad storage.

Implement the QA test

We implement a series of tests to ensure that the app of your tablet is written with high quality code, that the interface is attractive, navigable, load tolerant and complies with all universal standards. We are doing However, this is not a one-time check. Our quality control department is working on your project even though the design was created and even before the first line of code was written. They preach the difficulties that users face during the work process and look for ways in which users can eliminate work processes. The QA experts will evaluate the usability and performance of the program. Even a fully written code does not guarantee a fully functional software.

How can I get the benefits of the iPad software?

There are two main ways you can benefit from using the software for iPad. Improve productivity with efficient tools. Attract new customers and keep loyal customers. Impress your target audience.

Development driven by a purpose helps find ways to get out of difficult situations, make the mobile world grow and provide new opportunities to acquire. Our designers know how to develop programs to achieve your business objectives. We provide applications that focus on daily work and create immersive experiences. IPad users are used to useful features and fun interfaces. Even if you need efficient tools to improve the productivity of your employees and sophisticated applications that entertain your clients and provide better interaction with you, you need an expert and experienced designers.

  • Process information in real time
  • Automate daily operations that take time
  • Keep your data safe and keep it in a convenient way for you
  • Synchronize and optimize internal processes
  • Improves internal management and dialogue


  • Promote brands in the mobile market.
  • Improve communication with customers.
  • Establish reliability and attractiveness.
  • Notify updates related to the target audience and provide reliable information.
  • Promote your business and special events, campaigns, promotions, sales.
  • You can provide customers with additional opportunities, such as sharing, booking, purchasing and accessing data.

And there are many other things you can do with your application. It can also help you monetize your iPad app if you need it. If you create software for iPad for you, you can integrate ads into the app or purchases to provide a new source of revenue. But we can certainly be confident that professionalism with mobile strategies and adequate IT experience will make the investment in making iPad software profitable.

We can not wait to help you find your ideas and turn them into measurable results.

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Our app design agency not only offers high quality solutions, but also helps to expand business relationships with customers, maintain and update projects. Staff and needs are increasing in growing companies. We will help you achieve your business objectives and goals by providing design services. If you have questions about integrating the iPad app with other software or application, the developer will appreciate your professional answers and expert advice. Then please call us.

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