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If you are looking for a reliable partner to carry out the project through the development process, our IT company based in London will be the best option.

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Success Tips

Many of us have dreamed of an excellent quality for cell applications. In our London development agency, not only dreams but also bold ideas are animated. We are convinced that we can create magnificent enchantments, bring great names to the brand and create progressive and superior products that surpass other applications with magnificence and operational power. We are here to change our experience for your future success.

There is still a lot of work when the program has already gone through all stages of development and is ready for launch. To be able to access applications and attract users, we must take even more important steps.

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Previous Month

Define success To understand if the project is successful, it is essential to establish a concise wish. To maintain simplicity, set objectives for active implementation rates, different ratings and average rating scores.

  • Create a video. Video is one of the most efficient and expressive ways to show the interface and design of the app. It is also perfect for creating enhanced videos that show features and workflow. At this stage, you may not even be able to invest money in the production team. By using the phone's screen emulator, you can create a simple and professional video tutorial that shows the best features of the app.
  • We will decide the promotion area. If you are running Android software, you do not need to send it to all stores. Unify the customer base, assign promotions and guide all potential customers to a single store. This allows the product to obtain a higher score, classification and greater visibility. Start with the most famous smartphone market in London professionals, and then expand to other people as awareness increases.

A Few Days Ago

  • Take a press conference in London. Ideally, journalists and bloggers should publish materials about the content at the beginning and know in advance. Choose one of the journalists who will communicate with the press release and make sure you know the date and time the app was launched. If you need additional information, reserve time to answer questions and prepare for communication with journalists the day before and the date of departure.
  • Provide an advance. If it is possible to preview a London media of an app, do it. By allowing reviewers to play with the app before they are made public, we can make the articles richer in knowledge.
  • Prepare and complete your visual belongings. The more visual elements you see, such as photos, icons, screenshots and videos, the better the following article, advertising and collateral marketing, which will improve emotion and communication in the target market. Make sure every journalist you touch has access to all of your possessions before the software is released.

Launch the App

Contact everyone on the press list. Optimistically, there are many good reviews on the day of the launch. To increase awareness, increase the number of related reporters and bloggers in London and let them know about your ad. Send a record about the product to the ranking website of the big app and other guides that you would like to know about it.

Touch the current customer. When launching a new product, inspire existing lovers and help the product develop that word. Promoting products using the current network can have a great impact on the launch. Ask the client to help the brand acquire its current customer base through blogs, social networks, news bulletins or all three and spread it to the world. Do not forget your marketing campaign to become a friend and improve your reaction.

Be social. Post on Facebook when the app is launched and add some instances at some time today. To strengthen Twitter activities and make use of the thrill of the launch, try the Littwet campaign combined with the special product hashtag. And do not forget to follow all social media channels closely. Easily respond "Thank you" when appropriate and retweet the users.

After the Release

After a remarkable launch, how can we maintain momentum and prevent the program from submerging under the radar?

  • Pay advertising and marketing. If the app is hot, the marketing campaign, which is usually paid, will expand the drive to maintain, launch, launch, customers and attract attention. However, be sure to implement your campaign quickly and make sure your campaign stays within a few days after you start.
  • Let's cooperate with several app developers in London. The integration with different applications is the best way to make the app more powerful and win it in front of the most recent viewers that are already involved. To select an appropriate integration accomplice, we assume that it is the most valuable for the current client. Do not choose a partner only based on the consumer base. This is regular and essential to the first cognitive level.
  • Maintain interaction with customers. Play active on social networks: ask customers and immediately answer questions, comments and comments. Note that they contributed to creating a pointer that needs updating.

Collaborate with IT pros

We are a software development agency based in London, consisting of a team of experts with talent and skill. We specialize in the creation of high-tech customized computer solutions for all types of businesses. We develop highly customized software, integrated programs and mobile applications and web applications that greatly improve your productivity and stimulate growth.

How can we Help you?

  • Develop custom designed web and software products from scratch
  • Support, update and integration of existing web applications, mobile programs, software for desktop computers and databases
  • Optimize a working online solution that uses the latest technology to improve security and efficiency
  • We integrate various programs and tools into our own program environment and create digital solutions tailored to individual needs.
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Development process: where to Start and how to Continue

"What do you want to realize?", "How does it work?": If you have an idea of ​​the app you are developing, you may have many motivating questions. People who have never created applications before are often confused by the starting point. Therefore, it would be better to hire a London designer or development team and discuss the resulting work.

Before dealing with a programmer, designer or software development company in London, you need:

  • Important user experience (target market)
  • Properly specified consumer testimony (a list of what people want to know when they use the product)
  • Initial metallic structure: drawn by hand or otherwise (visible architecture)
  • Price range (amount established in the project)
  • Dedication to spend time in growing your business (your opinion is half success)

If you only think a little about future products, the IT agency based in London will be able to discover all the aspects related to the configuration of this concept in a practical project.

Cooperation with an external team

Stage 1: Discussion

Finding the right developers in London to fulfill your mission can be an adventure. You need to have the first Skype phone or session with the development team to define what you are trying to achieve, work together with them and get a satisfaction, and a normal match for that set of capabilities and adventures. Yes.

Phase 2: Sign the Contract

Before signing a contract with a person or group, it is important to recognize exactly what was signed. Like our distributors in London, most of the development companies and solid construction companies have signed a private contract (NDA) to protect their ideas from the beginning, but it is worth paying special attention to the listed conditions. Yes. Several other aspects to understand before signing the contract is whether your company will be charged in a model based on time or at a fixed price. If the assignment is charged based on a time-based model, it becomes even more important, since you must have the clear artifacts mentioned in the contract.

Stage 3: Wireframe

After signing the contract, wireframes are usually initiated. Wireframes are basically a visible architecture of what is placed on all the web pages of an app and how all the links are displayed in batches. Wireframes are essential to define the general scope of assignments and have mutual experience of what needs to be built.

Stage 4: Design

After the wireframing is completed, the developers usually begin the design phase, create high resolution .psd files and show the appearance of the app while creating the mileage. In this stage, you can incorporate emblems, colors, styles, fonts and many other elements. Here in London we will discuss the latest trends in the digital market and discuss the color diagrams, logos and preferred design solutions. We always offer several design variations to choose the customer as the most favorite.

If everyone is satisfied with the visible design, the developer can advance to the level of improvement.

Stage 5: Improvement

It is important that customers are updated during development at all stages of the procedure while operating in the development stage. Normally, this is done through a control device. It is likely that the mistakes made in this emergency stage are costly, so we would like to communicate constantly with the improvement crew.

Stage 6: Beta Test

After obtaining the full version of the product, the beta check or the user's test is completed. Beta tests are used to test the program under various circumstances and conditions, to ensure that the program starts without flaws or major errors, and to confirm that the real user is used to operating the app. In general, because you focus on development contracts, be sure to include this point before you start working with the London development team.

Step 7: Launch

Day X finally came! The app is closed, investigated and ready to start. How to publish items in the app store can take several weeks. In iOS, Apple can evaluate the delivery of each program and request modifications before its publication.

Our London app development company has extensive experience in creating and launching software, so the customer gets the product according to the store's guidelines and avoids problems in the launch. The marketing manager will help you create the right description and choose the best screen capture to make the product page more attractive.

Stage 8: After the Launch

After starting the app, it is very important to get feedback from customers, so that developers can update the program in the future and include comments on the adjustment. In addition, we need an administrator to track the overall performance of the app. Here at the software development company in London, we leave the client after the official announcement and are always ready to provide research and improvements.

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