Recent Web Projects



A daily social planning tool for iOS

The app idea is to create a program that will enable daily planning and events scheduling with an opportunity to invite friends to participate in arranged meetings. We designed a simple and intuitive user interface making it easy to navigate the app functionality which helps to organise the time, plan events, and invite guests. Users can create their accounts with a Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, making the registration procedure easier and quicker. We utilised AFNetworking library, CoreData, REST and Autocomplete APIs and many other technologies to create a social networking app with agenda functionality.



A social media application with integrated review database

The app idea was to create a united channel for rating and reviewing products and experiences. Our customer wanted to create a simple and intuitive application that will let friends discuss their opinions on different goods, books, series, places, and activities. We built a social review platform which lets users review the things they want to and share their experience with their friends including review sharing on a Facebook and Twitter. Working as a social media app, it allows to follow other users and join the discussions. The main advantage of this reviewing activity is that user can trust the advisors as far as it is his or her friends.


Vocal Share

An audio sharing app with social networking functionality

Our team was asked to develop a mobile application that could work as a social network with audio sharing functionality. The program we wrote allows users record, edit, and publish audio files attaching images. Social media functionality lets to follow other users and share, repost, comment, and like their posts. We utilised Digital Sound Processing technology to enable qualitative sound editing and manipulation features. Additional entertainment feature is a playing karaoke with subsequent vocal adjustment. This app can work as an entertainment program for music lovers as well as startup platform for nonprofessional singers.



A social shopping application

Our client, a startup entrepreneur, approached us to create a mobile application which let users sell and buy products on their own way how it is convenient for them and according to the rates they prefer. We ensured intuitive navigation within the app with the help of categories such as clothes, groceries, and others. The search also advanced with the ability to select particular sellers, brands, and price rates. Social component of the app enable the communication between the buyer and the seller, commenting in a review section, and ability to share via social networks.


Deck Cost

A calculating app for decking professionals

Our customer, an owner of a decking company, wanted to create an efficient tool for the field workers so that they cold estimate the cost of the particular service and transmit it to the main office streamlining their work. We built an app which let to identify the cost of the service considering multiple variables including bearers, floor boards or sheets, joists, project time, concrete mix, and others creating a total cost of one particular order. Decking professionals set the metrics and create a quote emailing it to the main office in a PDF and getting an approval quickly and efficiently raise an order.



An on-demand local delivery app

A startup company engaged in delivery services across the country wanted to create a mobile application which can make the delivery services completely different and more friendly. The idea of the app was to make life easier and let the things to be done for you. The app enables users to get delivered anything the want whether it is a pizza from the favourite restaurant, or an over-the-counter medicine from the pharmacy, or something from the Apple Store or elsewhere. The large courier staff will be able to do it for you for a small charge. The app plays a key role in the business as it allows to place orders and track their status in real time for the customers and get the orders for couriers.