Top Business Apps for Your Smartphone

Our process

Our lifestyle changes have forced us to install apps other than the basic communication apps we use.
We are constantly moving, constantly evolving and we are in constant need of increasing our managerial abilities, mostly through using technology as a step ladder.
If you have a business, or if you work somewhere, these business apps are must have for you:
  1. Portal: The over the Wi-Fi file transfer wizard is here to save you and your documents from embarrassing situations. If you are too lazy to connect your cable to the computer to export files from your hard drive to your phone, or in case you have no cable for connecting your phone, you can always use this app to transfer files over the Wi-Fi without any hiccups. Going to their website and scanning the QR code from the Portal app connects your computer and your phone through your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Adobe Acrobat: The one stop solution for all of your .pdf files. Now sign documents, bookmark pages of your most important documents with ease. The new app comes with cloud storage for you to store your most important documents safely.
  3. Skype: Skype is the most used video calling app for smartphones and it got even better with its updated features. Now make all of your business calls on the go.
  4. Google Keep: It is one of the best apps around if you want to create and manage personal lists, you can group them with a simple hashtag attachments according to your personal use, and you can save an entire webpage and images as a note.
  5. Wunderlist: Another app for managing your lists. It has its functionality like Keep, but it takes it up a notch with its amazing support. You can share your list with your friends or with people on your contact list. The app support makes the lists perfectly synced so people can see when you edit the list.
  6. Forest: This is a business app that helps you to focus on your work in case you roam about surfing the web or playing games or watch too many cat videos on YouTube.
  7. Microsoft Office products: A must have if you need to adjust your documents on the go.
  8. Office Lens: Use your camera as a scanning device. Scan away with accurate results. A perfect business app for people who don’t have a scanner nearby.
  9. Expense Manager: The one stop management bundle for managing your business’s expenditures and calculating profit.
  10. Trello: Trello is visually stunning and is very usable. On any board, lists can be created and cards can be transferred from one place to another to signal the end of a project.
  11. Quickbooks: For small business accounts, Quickbooks is the perfect choice. It is simple to use because of its snappy interface and lucid styling, as well as integrates many services with it like PayPal. Now send and approve invoices and payments with ease.
  12. HipChat: If you are finding Slack a bit tough to use, HipChat is the perfect buddy for you. Now group conversations by rooms, drag and drop files and archive chats and conversations with ease. For closed room conversations, this is a great business app.