London Website Development: How to create an amazing site

As the London web development experts, we know many ways to generate traffic to your domain and increase sales. Let us help you with your website development.

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We can use search engine optimization strategies, write interesting and useful content, create impressive interfaces, or implement efficient features.

Website development is the main concern of modern businesses, hoping to build a strong digital presence so the largest audience of Internet users can be seen. We have talented London web development experts, business consultants and designers who have prepared a number of tips to help you build a perfect business website. When designing your business website, read and observe the advice of our developers.

Attractive Visual Design from London

When the visitor first visits your site, the design is the first to notice. So note - the best website in London to choose to develop to ensure that your website stands out and attract clients. Understand, the website represents your online business and impresses your customers first, so do not ignore it.

Availability and content

Bill Gates (Bill Gates) said - "content is king" is that the world of network marketing was maintained. So be sure, your content is clicked with the client and motivate them to buy products and services. One more important thing to note is the availability website - if your visitors are able easily access it and find what they are looking for the second time, you will provide a good experience for clients. Relationship with customers and build trust.

Search engine optimization and integration of social networks

Search engine optimization can improve the ranking of your website in SE results, especially if you target your audience. Social networking integration is another important feature that improves your SEO site, so make sure your London development specialist is proficient in this area of ​​development. Let your customers have the opportunity to share content, crawl your page, like your post, and join your social community to promote your brand on social networks such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Attractive colors and intuitive user interface

The style of the website and the color of its use should reflect the identity of your brand. So when you choose the color scheme of the site, if you provide some professional services to make the design smarter and gentler, if you run entertainment choose vivid colors, combine them with the visual aesthetic program This is a starting point. Additionaly to the visual appeal, but also consider the usability and intuitive interface, because the delicate navigation and the non-intuitive structure can attract tourists. For simplicity and effort, remember that the user should see what the purpose of each element is by looking at it.

Cross-Browser Compatibility and Customer Feedback

Despite the high popularity of smartphones, many people still like to surf the Internet on a desktop computer, so make sure your website is compatible with all major browsers and their various versions. Use Google Analytics to check which browser your visitors are using. Don't forget to let customers have the opportunity to leave your comments, so you build trust in the brand and connect to clients. People come to the site, share their opinions with others about your product, ask your questions and see what others think about you so your clients have the opportunity to express themselves.


The Internet contains full of threats such as viruses, hackers, viruses, and other harmful backends and front ends that you must protect your site. This is especially important because many consumers today like to shop on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore, you not only want to ensure security, but also provide the ability to respond to your site to adapt to different sizes of client devices.

Can I build my business website in WordPress?

More and more business customers with the popularity of WordPress in the company grow with this problem next to us. As a web developer in London, we think it is a great solution for companies wishing to build a good reputation due to lack of customization options. Custom web development is better than WordPress because it can cater to your particular business needs and even have a single page website created specifically for you that offers you more freedom and choice than the large embedded portal of WordPress. However, WordPress also has its advantages, we want to tell you all the pros and cons, so you make a wise decision.

Domain name and hosting

Carefully select the domain name of your site to reflect the brand or product you sell. The domain name should indicate your business area, unforgettable and accurate so your clients easily remember when they want to visit your site again. Make sure the spelling is correct and use elaborate words because they are harder to remember. Talking about the host, look for a service that meets your requirements and budget. A server with advanced backup and security features is the solution that best fits your long lifecycle for your online platform.

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Advantages of the WordPress site
  • Training - If you have any issues or need help with your website, you easily find answers to your questions on the web because there are millions of training resources - all you Do you need to do Google?
  • Easy to use - customizable features may not be very intuitive, but are very good for content publishing. The editor is very convenient and effective, although it does not have some useful elements such as subtitles.
  • Available Resources - WrodPress Tools, Add-ons, and other features are everywhere - you can easily find anything you need. However, this is a disadvantage - many of the features on the Internet are of poor quality, so be careful
  • Integrate many opportunities - you can add forms and integrate all the plugins, tools and other features you need. There are many catalogs of plugins that provide hundreds of integration tools.
  • Custom options - it offers unlimited themes, widgets, plugins, post types and other options to customize the look and feel of your site. And it also has many APIs to cover every aspect of development.
Failure to develop the WordPress site
  • Search Engine Optimization - The WordPress website has some standard SEO options, but it's not enough to get to the top of Google search results.
  • Performance - it does not offer database and it's tools but you can use the managed hosting service provides this functionality. This means you need to pay for the use of page caching, database optimization, registry files and other important tools to complete the functional website to ensure the stability and security of your site.
  • Internationalization - it informs you how to internationalize different tools and themes without providing localized content integration. However, you can use the multilingual WordPress plugin, which will promote the task.
  • Security - About a quarter of Webs are supported by WordPress, making it the main purpose for hacking. As mentioned above, hosting topics and thematic updates help you solve many problems, but once again you need to pay an additional fee. In this case, our London-based development expert recommends creating a children's theme because if you continue to update your parent theme, your website may be at risk because it can not be updated.
  • Codebase - WordPress themes have excellent design, but often lack speed, custom options and optimization. In addition, many WordPress themes and widgets are actually developed. There is no doubt- people have to waste valuable time trying to optimize these off-the-shelf solutions by rewriting the code again, which is the children's theme, you will help a lot.

Web development professionals based in London are to build your website

Now, when you know what you see on a perfect website, you can work with a London mobile and web agency on the London development website to create an online extension of your business. Our web development company in London has a great experience in developing networks for a variety of businesses in different industries. For more information about our services, or would like to consult a software development specialist located in London, please do not hesitate to contact us.